Soft tissue therapy is more than "just" a sports massage.  It involves the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of minor and chronic musculoskeletal dysfunction.    

Soft tissue therapy plays a preventative and maintenance role within a training regime because it can address issues before they cause more serious, chronic or compensatory problems.  Where there is already  pain or dysfunction it can play an important corrective and rehabilitative role.   Soft tissue therapy also therapy involves advice on remedial exercises, including appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises to aid recovery,  prevent recurrence of injury and improve performance.



Athletes.... simply multiply their training until disability occurs... The distance runner achieves excellence by making the most of his genetic endowment through training in his environment. This formula for greatness is also the cause of his diseases of excellence
— George Sheehan, quoted in Noakes "The Lore of Running", Chapter 14 "Staying Injury Free"