I have been fortunate enough to meet some fantastic, dedicated athletes and I have been happy to help them in some way through soft tissue therapy.   Whether the clients have been training for their first marathon, their first Ride London or they are experienced runners or triathletes they all share a passion for their sport and a determination to do the best they can.    

Some of the things a few of my clients have said about me:

  • "For me, Will is the perfect combination- excellent listener, experienced runner and superb physical therapist- he has helped me resolve issues that threatened to limit my ultra running  exploits and helped me to achieve a 100 mile PB (19.28) and 3rd Lady in the South Downs Way. Really delighted!"  Mary-Anne Devally, Ultra Runner, Serpentine Running Club
  • “I’m an Ironman triathlete. I came to Will with a rotation stiffness with my neck. His soft tissue massage, has released the tension and is now back to full range of movement. I highly recommend his services” Richard, triathlete
  • "I visited Will regularly in the run up to London marathon 2016. His input was vital in helping my body withstand the rigours of marathon training and he undoubtedly contributed towards me achieving a pb. As well as an excellent musculoskeletal knowledge, Will is also a keen (and talented) runner which definitely helps him relate to sports related aches and pains. I’d wholeheartedly recommend his services." Martin O'Connell, Runner, Serpentine Running Club, 2.30.45 VLM 2016
  • "For anyone who has suffered a serious setback with their running through injury, then I would definitely recommend Will as the person to go to for their recovery.  He quickly understood the problem with my calf strain and set about fixing it within our first session. Will not only gives great advice on how to avoid getting injured again, but also how to return to your running within the quickest possible time.  Due to Will's extensive running background he was able to reassure me about how I would recover from my injury and pursue my marathon training again." Edward Adams, London Heathside Running Club
  • "Will did a fantastic job keeping my injuries and fatigued muscles in check when I was training for an Ironman 70.3 this year. I always leave my sessions feeling loose and ready for the week of training ahead. Every time I came with a new issue, he was able to treat it with ease. He is incredibly friendly and showed a real interest in the events and training I was doing. He was also able to offer advice and wisdom on how to keep any niggles at bay with extra exercises and stretches." Alex Gorrod, triathlete

Charlie Spedding (the last British Athlete to medal in the Olympic Games Marathon) wrote some great words about trying to achieve the best you can from the talent you have and it is always a pleasure to meet people who are training to meet their goals at all levels. 

I am going to think like a caterpillar. The caterpillar ... is one of the most ambitious creatures on the planet because all the time I am thinking ‘one day I am going to grow beautiful wings and I am going to fly’. Perhaps I could be just like the caterpillar, and .. I could discover potential inside me that had never yet been seen... If I could feed my self image with caterpillar thinking and get all the other conditions just right, perhaps I could fly free from my comfort zone, and one day, travel all the way to the fulfilment of my talent.... If I kept saying to myself ‘one day I will do this and one day I will do that’ I had to realise that eventually the day would come when I had to say ‘and today is that day’
— Charlie Spedding, "From Last to First", Chapter 7 - The Beer Drinkers Guide to Sports Psychology