My practice

I practice from my clinic at home in Alexandra Park, North London.  

I am qualified with a "Sports and Remedial Massage/Soft Tissue Therapy" BTEC LEVEL 5 Diploma from The London School of Sports Massage - the UK's leading school for soft tissue/sports and remedial massage therapy.  

I manage the clinic hours around studying for a Masters in Osteopathy at the British School of Osteopathy, where I will qualify as an Osteopath at the end of the four year course.

Although sport is a common factor with many of the clients who attend for soft tissue therapy, it is not necessarily always the case as many clients have musculoskeletal issues arising from every day activities that can be successfully treated.

My background

I am an experienced runner for Serpentine Running Club and a keen cyclist.  I have run sub 2.30 for the marathon, 68.58 for a half marathon and 31.17 for 10km on the road - the 10km and half marathon times putting me in the top handful of runners in my age group nationally at the time.  To run these times I had the help of a very good coach,  David Chalfen (, trained at a serious level and overcame quite a few injuries.    Read more about my own running here: A bit about my running.

I understand how hard it can be to train well and consistently and the importance of staying injury free.

 The Clinic, 55 Victoria Road, N22 7XA

The Clinic, 55 Victoria Road, N22 7XA

My own periods of injury and rehabilitation have made me appreciate the importance of looking after the body, given me an interest in understanding how the body works and how soft tissue therapy can play a role both as preventative therapy and in rehabilitation.

These periods of injury have also made me appreciate the joy of returning to running and discovering that even after serious problems the potential to be a better and faster runner endures.